Welcome to Ciel Bleu Consulting
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What can we do for you:

Hello, thank you for your interest in knowing how we can partner with you in software development, internet marketing related areas. My name is Partha. I am the founder, CEO of ciel bleu consulting. I spent nearly 19 years working on a variety of projects. We are in to the third year and we still work in a start up mode. All those years of experience of mine and my colleagues provides the perspective towards delivering projects that you would n't normally get in a typical start up environment. I am good at putting together a team of professionals to get the job done. That is my forte. Technologies come and go. The can-do attitude and the ability to identify the true-potential in an individual is what is needed to pull off a task.

What I said above sounds abstract... so let us look at some scenarios, where we can assist you meet your business needs :
  • You are a medium to large sized IT shop looking for experienced resources in the technology management space.
  • You are an internet marketing firm and looking for assistance in managing your internet marekting strategy.
  • You are looking for someone to manage your PPC and other related forms of internet based advertising with Google etc. We, as a company participate in the Google advertisement programs and posess intimate knowledge of the workings of the Google PPC Adwords system.
  • You are looking for an experienced and reliable offshore outsourcing strategy/partner to improve the quality of your IT deliverables and reduce the cost of your IT activities
  • You are an independent software vendor who is looking for an offshore technology partner for your product development or maintaiance
  • You are a software development consultancy who is simply looking to add additional team members to your development/testing/QA team.
  • You are a small business looking for someone to manage/maintain your web portfolio
  • Something went wrong with your current project and you would want some one to take a look at it and fix it
  • You are in the middle of this big-project and are searching for a resource/product that helps boost your team's productivity.
  • Your team is looking to get some software infrastructure components to be developed that can be easily plugged into your main project/product
Possibilities are end-less, but you get the idea of how we can help you accomplish your business objectives/goals and can be a reliable offshore technology associate.
For mroe details, please contact us.