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Message from CEO:

Partha Kuchana:

Partha has been around for 20+ years in the IT space. He is an Experienced Information Technology Professional, Entrepreneur, Adjunct Professor & Published Author

Message From the CEO

To Employees/Contractors :
  • I guarantee that you will get paid on-time, as per contract.
  • I guarentee that you are not alone in the task that is assigned to you. The whole team is behind you. So please do not hesitate to ask for help. It is not a sign of not being able to do your job. It is a sign that you trust us to be of assistance when you think you need it. We will all need help. I always take help in my tasks.
  • I guarantee that there will not zero tolerance towards any kind of harassment. It is not just an english sentence like you see on big IT company websites. It is my commitment.
  • Family comes before anything else. So, I expect you to take care of your personal needs first before you working on company tasks. I d like 100% of your focus while you are working on our tasks. Genuine needs only. Please do not abuse. If you d worked with me, you might have realized that I am a sharp guy and it is very hard to fool me. yeah :-)
  • Sometimes things go wrong. So just dont stress out too much. But I expect you to give your best and a tiny bit extra.
  • Ours is a start up. If you see me making decisions that you think could negatively affect the company, I ask that you talk to me directly. There is a reward for any one who does that. If it looks like I am not paying attention, please repeat the same until it gets in to my head. I appreciate your help in doing that.
  • Understand that I will always appreciate your efforts and I know that without your help, I will not be able to do much of what I do.
  • Finally, thank you so much for your help.

To Clients :
  • In a world with varying degree of perceived need for money, sometimes our services are relatively expensive and sometimes they are not. We do our best to be competitive. There is one thing that we can guarantee you : Quality and On-Time Delivery.
  • We do not run a white-collar sweat shop. This keeps our employees and contractors highly motivated. This shows in the quality of the work they do.
  • Our team has exceptional communication skills. This helps us in understanding our clients' needs more accurately and thoroughly.

To the world at large :
  • When was the last time you planted a tree?
  • Be Spiritual, Not Religious